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Full Support in graphics production | QBIST

Bring out the appeal of a game with high quality graphics

QBIST has been producing various illustrations since 2010, when the demand for gaming illustrations was increasing.
Based on the know-how gained from production of numerous works such as Sengoku Warriors, Monsters, Attractive Men and Beautiful Women, we provide supports to our customer in game development through graphics production.


  • ・Not only anime-style drawings and thickly painted illustrations, but we also support a wide range of needs including character design and background art
  • ・With actual record of working on over than 320 projects together with creators
  • ・Collective management on progress, contracts, payments, etc. for a large number of creators
  • ・Possibility to place orders with creators overseas (high amount of actual transactions)
  • ・Visualization of quality standards by art directors

Items we handle

The following is the example of items we handle. Please contact us for other types of requests.

  • ・Character design
  • ・IP illustration (original design reproduction)
  • ・Card illustration
  • ・Still illustration (cutscenes, event scenes, etc.)
  • ・Background art
  • ・SD character

Other related items

  • ・Sprite animation (Spine, Live2D, Anima2D)
  • ・Web comics, 4-frame comics
  • ・Storyboard
  • ・【Japanese】Flavor text, ordering instructions

Ordering Procedure

【1】Review of production contents → 【2】Proposal of production workflow → 【3】Selection of creators (portfolio check) → 【4】Order

Trial order (paid) is also possible. Quotations are provided for free.

Working Record


1-chōme-28-1 Koishikawa,
Bunkyo City, Tōkyō-to 112-0002, Japan
Koshikawa Sakura Building 3F
Graphic Section TEL: +81-3-5805-9953
Representative: +81-3-5805-9951


6 minutes walk from Kasuga Station (Toei Mita Line and Oedo Line)
8 minutes walk from Kourakuen Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Namboku Line)